Our history

OPCA’s first chairman Rolf Enqvist and his wife Ann-Sofi made their first trip to Gran Canaria in the spring of 1989. They offered a free sightseeing tour of Puerto Rico ending at the newly built Vista Amadores. They were impressed by the fine location and high standard.

After Rolf met Holger Piepgras, who was chairman of the Danish owners’ association Puerto Calma, they both set out to start a Swedish association.

In 2003, it advertised in several newspapers with a call for a constitutive meeting to form an interest association for the unit owners in Puerto Calma, Vista Amadores and Jardin Amadores. A board of five people was formed, of which Rolf became chairman. The association was thus established and was named OPCA, Owners of Puerto Calma Amadores.

Through the work on the board, it emerged that the cooperative owners were part of a form of condominium association where the highest decision-making body was the owners’ meeting with majority decisions. Since the association initially had few members, it was difficult to have any influence on the activities. There were some difficulties with communication with the management company Roca. However, the association recruited many members in the coming years and during the owners’ meeting in 2006 almost as many votes were gathered as Roca.

In 2011, Holiday Club Canarias takes over as owner from the Roca family and Calvin Lucock takes over as director of facilities on Gran Canaria. An operation and service agreement is drawn up between all the facilities and HCC. In 2013, Puerto Calma was completely renovated.

Bo Röös has taken over as chairman of OPCA and at the 2014 annual meeting, Harriet Karlsson is elected chairman. During 2015, a major renovation of Vista Amadores is carried out.

One of the most important events for the association is the owners’ meeting in 2015 where Calvin Lucock makes proposals regarding Puerto Calma, Vista, Jardin and Playa Amadores. The proposal involves changing the statutes so that the owners must return their weeks, which they own until the year 2048, to the original owners and then have to sign a new contract.

OPCA decides to enlist the help of lawyer Charlotte Andersson, and after a period of work, she comes up with a proposal that is presented at the owners’ meeting. The Spanish lawyer explains that the OPCA has presented a proposal that develops and clarifies the original proposal. OPCA’s proposal is approved by majority decision at the facilities. Sol Amadores is not covered by the decision because the facility was built after the new law came into effect.

HCC thought the proposal from OPCA was so good that they paid all the costs incurred by the association to develop the proposal.

Under construction, to be continued…