Welcome to OPCA Nordic

We are a non-profit association that looks after your interests in ownership and accommodation. As a member, you and other members contribute to OPCA Nordic having an influence on the management of the hotels.

OPCA Nordic works to ensure that owners in Puerto Calma, Vista Amadores, Jardin Amadores, Sol Amadores, and Playa Amadores can enjoy high-quality accommodation and management at a reasonable cost in the hotels managed by Holiday Club Canarias Resort Management. OPCA Nordic was founded in 1998 and today has members from several places in the world.

The trustees on the board and in other assignments work on a voluntary basis so that we, the owners, can have an influence on management, service, apartment standards, the environment, security and maintenance costs. OPCA Nordic’s annual general meeting is held annually in April, where usually a representative from the Holiday club participates.

Summary of the business year 2023 – 2024

Represented the OPCA Nordic members at all owner meetings.

Demonstrated lack of communication from HCC to members..

Reviewed ownership relationships for all facilities.

Organized members meetings on Gran Canaria.

Demonstrated deficient maintenance work at Playa Amadores.

Demonstrated the need for renovation of Playa Amadores and Jardin Amadores.

Analyzed energy and administration costs for all facilities and recommended the use of solar panels.

Updated the apartment exchange and added opportunities for different types of advertising.