Rules for renting, selling, buying and Exchange

Below follows what applies to advertising in the apartment exchange and important information for renting, selling and exchange.
All OPCA Nordic members advertise free of charge in the apartment exchange.

Rent, let, sell, buy or internal exchange

Fill in the form “Advertise apartment” or “Internal exchange between members” if you want to an internal exchange. We enter your ad in our register and update the apartment exchange on OPCA Nordic’s website. We will contact you when the apartment exchange is updated. Please note that you agree to us entering your data in a digital advertisement register when you advertise in the apartment exchange.

Remove or modify an ad

When you no longer need to advertise or when you need to make an adjustment in the advertisement, you fill in the form for deletion or change. To ensure that there are no out-of-date advertisements in the apartment exchange, the advertisement will be active for one year. It will then be removed and you will be reminded to resubmit if you still wish to advertise.

ATTENTION! When you rent out your apartment or makes an internal exchange with another shareholder, you must fill in a rental form and send it to Holiday Club Canarias in good time before the tenants arrive. And when you make an exhange, both parties must submit the rental form.
It is very important that the office at HCC knows who is coming. If guests arrive on a weekend and the reception does not have the correct name, the tenant may be denied access to the apartment.

Here you can download a rental form and fill it in online or print it out and fill it in by hand.

I wish to respond to an advertisement

Send an e-mail message to the advertiser and describe your case. The advertiser’s e-mail can be found in the apartment exchange. Should you for some reason not get in touch with the advertiser at the specified e-mail, it is fine to send a message to OPCA Nordic.

Send an e-mail message to and state the ID number and that you cannot get in touch with the advertiser and we will help you.

Not a member

If you are not a member of OPCA Nordic, it is fine to advertise under Buying and Wanting to rent. You then use the same form as the members.
And of course it is fine to respond to all ads even if you are not a member.

Other information

OPCA Nordic conveys the following information from your advertisement on the apartment exchange:
Unique code for your ad, facility, exchange day, week/weeks, number of beds, apartment number and price if you choose to enter it. Your name will be visible in the ad and the contact routes you provide must be visible.
You also have the option to submit images/photos that you want to be visible in your ad.

ATTENTION! If you buy or sell, it is a transaction between you and the seller/buyer. OPCA Nordic is not involved in transfers but refers to Holiday Club Canarias for further information.
OPCA Nordic only participates in mediating the contact between the parties.