Apartment exchange

The apartment exchange is a site for free mediation where OPCA Nordic members can advertise rental, rent, sell or buy condominiums. You can also advertise an internal exchange of your condominium. If you, as a member, want to use the service, click on the relevant button below and fill in the form that the button takes you to.

For further information, see “Rules renting, selling, buying” and “Timeshare Calendar“.


ID:I own:I want to exchange to:Year for exchange:Name:E-mail/TelephoneMessage/Photo
B1– Week 38 – 39
– Sol Amadores
– Lgh 306
– 6 people
– Jacuzzi on the terrace
– Exchangeday Monday
– Week50 – 51
– Sol Amadores
– 4 eller 6 people
– Exchangeday Saturday
2024Ann-Cathrin Sandberg Gilbergfarmorannsan@gmail.com
+46 707 78 78 70
Week 38-39 together
or each separately.
Another facility can,
depending on the location of
the apartment, also
be current.


IDWeekFacilityApartment nrSizeExchange dayPriceNameEmailTelephoneInformation/Photo
U48Vista AmadoresSuite C/7036 peopleSaturday8000 SEK per weekSven Brown+46 708698320
U547Jardin Amadores6036 peopleSaturday8000 SEK per weekSven Brown+46 708698320
U66Puerto Calma3134 peopleSaturdaySune Hartmansune.hartman@hotmail.com+46 767992824
U849-52Puerto Calma4 peopleSaturdayPeder Englundpeder.englund@gmail.com
U95-6Puerto Calma1094 peopleSaturdayBiljana, Magnus Blombergbiljana.blomberg@gmail.com
U1316 – 24 FebruaryPlaya Amadores1054 peopleSaturday1000 SEK per dayBjörn Liljedahlbjorncliljedahl@gmail.comTvåa med ett sovrum och bäddsoffa i vardagsrummet, stort badrum och en fantastisk balkong med havsutsikt. Ca 100 m till stranden.
U156-7Playa Amadores2024 peopleSaturday8000 SEK per weekLars-Olof Nilssongunborg.akerstrand@hotmail.com+46 730425995Nice apartment with large terrace, nice sea view and jacuzzi
U1640Playa Amadores1224 peopleMondayMatts Häggdahlmarianne.haggdahl@vshp.fi+35 8504967663


IDWeekFacilityApartment nrSizeExchange dayPriceNameEmailTelephonePhoto
H36 and 10Puerto Calma4 or 6 peopleSaturdayHans Sundbladhans.sundblad52@gmail.com
H547Puerto Calma4 peopleMondaySven Erikssonsven.eriksson12@gmail.com
H652 + 1Puerto CalmaOn marina side4 peopleMonday, Wednesday or SaturdayLorraine McDonaldlalamcs@hotmail.comWould love to rent for hols over end of Christmas and New year
H747Playa Amadores4 or 6 peopleMondayMalin Borstammalin.borstam@hotmail.com
H813Puerto Calma4 or 6 peopleMonday, wednesday or SaturdayInger Hanssoninger.n.hansson@outlook.com+46 723 96 12 94
H945 or 47Puerto Calma6 peopleSaturdayErik Fromellerik@byggutrustning.se
H10Nov 30- dec 7 2024Playa Amadores6 peopleSaturdayTouvi Mikkonen Larssonmammamari2018@outlook.com


IDWeekFacilityApartmentnrSizeExchange dayPriceNameEmailTelephonePhoto/message
S58Vista AmadoresSuite C/7036 peopleSaturdaySven Brown+46 708698320
S647Jardin Amadores6036 peopleSaturdaySven Brown+46 708698320
S76Puerto Calma3134 peopleSaturdaySune Hartmansune.hartman@hotmail.com+46 767992824Selling at a reasonable price.
S850-51Jardin Amadores5024 peopleMondayJörgen Peterssonjorgenmpetersson@gmail.com+46 706013695
S950Jardin Amadores5034 peopleMondayTommy Peterssonh.o.t.petersson@gmail.com+46 705830394
S1113-14Playa Amadores1174 peopleWednesday215 000 SEK/weekInger Karlssoninger@hemslojdsservice.se+46 739602758Price can be discussed. Contract can be extended by 50 years.
S1249-52Puerto Calma4 peopleSaturdayPeder Englundpeder.englund@gmail.com
S1342Sol Amadores8064 peopleSaturdayStina Eklund Olofssoneklund_stina@hotmail.com
S145-6Puerto Calma1094 peopleSaturdayBiljana, Magnus Blombergbiljana.blomberg@gmail.com
S166-7Playa Amadores2024 peopleSaturday50 000 SEK/weekLars-Olof Nilssongunborg.akerstrand@hotmail.com+46 730425995
S1733Puerto Calma4 peopleSaturdayStina Eklund Olofssoneklund_stina@hotmail.com+46 735035538


IDWeekFacilityApartment nrSizeExchange dayPriceNamnEmailTelephonePhoto
K16 and 10Puerto Calma4 or 6 peopleSaturdayHans Sundbladhans.sundblad52@gmail.com
K247Playa Amadores6 peopleMondayMalin Borstammalin.borstam@hotmail.com