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OPCA Nordic is a non-profit association that safeguards your interests in ownership and accommodation. As a member, you and other members contribute to OPCA Nordic having an influence on management, service, apartment standards, maintenance costs and security. Every year, the annual general meeting is held in April with invited guests.

The interest association OPCA Nordic should not be confused with the Owners Association, which according to Spanish law must be in every hotel and where all owners are members. The owner’s association’s board (owner’s committee), the Owners Committee, consists of three members who are elected at the annual General Assembly. OPCA Nordic has a representative in the steering group for the owners’ committee.

As a member, you are offered, among other things:
– Newsletter published 3 – 4 times a year.
– OPCA Nordic represents you as an owner at the annual owner meetings.
– Apartment exchange where you as a member can advertise to rent and sell weekly shares.
– Contact persons who coordinate members’ proposals and questions to the owner’s committee and to Holiday Club Canarias about the accommodation and management on an ongoing basis during the year or to the annual owner’s meetings.
– Via OPCA Nordic, contact can be made with a Swedish lawyer who is in Spain. She specializes in timesharing and has both Swedish and Spanish legal education.
– Member pages on the website with specific member information.
– Information via Facebook and Instagram.

The membership fee for OPCA Nordic is SEK 500 per family and year and is paid according to the following:

Payment Sweden:
Bank giro: 5367–5849
Account number: 5101 1064286
Swish: 123 569 1456

Payment abroad:
IBAN: SE9250000000051011064286
Payee: OPCA Nordic, C/O Gösta Nilsson, Ulvstigen 15, 451 54 Uddevalla

Fill out the form below and pay the membership fee. Don’t forget to enter a name on the payment.
OPCA Nordic will get back to you with the membership card and password to the member pages here on the website.

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